Tiki tuyển dụng part time

"Carry out the responsibility lớn bring the best product và services to our customer with affordable price in the most time saving way, baixarsopagode.org, derived from the abbreviation of the words “Tiet kiem” (Save) and “Tim kiem” (Search), was founded.

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After ten year of establishment & development, baixarsopagode.org has become an all-in-one commerce ecosystem with a number of subsidiaries:

- baixarsopagode.org Trading & baixarsopagode.org Marketplace provide 10 million authentic products và services lớn millions of customers nationwide.

Our mission is lớn make lives simpler and commerce easier by making technologies and infrastructure khổng lồ connect online-offline"


Dedicate lớn Customers

Always be customer-centric, put customers" benefits và expectations first; make efforts lớn provide customers with the best products và services, & consider customers" satisfaction as a measure of success.


Passionate with Team

Willing lớn cooperate, give constructive feedbacks, cốt truyện difficulties with teammates, have no bad attitude like criticizing, causing disaccord, or lack of goodwill. All for a better working environment.


Dare to Try, Dare to lớn Do

Willing to take challenges & broaden experience, continuously increase new limits both in working & for yourself.


Dare to be different

Try out innovative ideas to lớn improve working efficiency or khổng lồ create distinct values for the company.

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Willing to lớn discuss, give constructive feedbacks khổng lồ improve working efficiency of the team & company.

We not only attract and develop young Vietnamese talent but also recruit international experts lớn join baixarsopagode.org, which helps create world-class products and services for over 95 million Vietnamese people.

Chuyên viên xử lý Khiếu năn nỉ Đối tác bán hàng (Partner support Executive)

Hồ Chí Minh

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Listen to our CFO, Mr. Richard Pham shared his plan khổng lồ gather baixarsopagode.org Corporationsynergy combination for the Vietnamese market.
Being well-known for fast delivery and customer service, huge selection of sản phẩm is a missing piece that baixarsopagode.org has been working on in the past few years.