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sở hữu Ốp sống lưng Nhiều Màu bảo đảm an toàn Cho Máy gameplay Nintendo Switch Lite sinh sống đâu?

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Giới thiệu Ốp sống lưng Nhiều Màu bảo vệ Cho Máy chơi game Nintendo Switch Lite

1. ✔1. Color: The color gradient shell currently has three types: pink green, blue powder, và purple powder; the màu sắc solid màu sắc shell includes cherry blossom powder & sky blue. Regular factory first-hand supply, spot delivery.✔2. Material: high-quality PC / TPE skin-friendly material, carefully polished, feel good.✔3. Tailor-made for Switch Lite trò chơi machine, 1: 1 real model opening, super fit, thin, can be inserted into the base.✔4. Separate design is used for easier loading and unloading and more scientific protection.✔5. Contents: màu sắc gradient shell & solid màu sắc shell including outer packaging.✔6. Applicable models: Nintendo Switch Lite The store has a large number of switch PS4 & other game peripherals, mobile phone accessories products, you are welcome lớn enter the store lớn buyThe products are all in stock. The goods in this library provide Please liên hệ private news & editors lớn provide you with products "ultra-low wholesale prices", welcome lớn compare pricesAll the products that can be photographed are in stock. If you purchase a large amount of water, please choose it at the house.?? Fans water limited time event ?? ?? According to lớn the total number of merchandise in this store reaching 20, contact customer service to lớn receive $ 10 shopping gold; ?? The cumulative number of merchandise in this store reaches 30, please liên hệ customer service khổng lồ receive $ 20 shopping gold; ?? The cumulative number of products in the store is up khổng lồ 50. If you tương tác customer service, you can receive a $ 30 shopping gold;The shop provides a one-stop order service, that is, you have any products you want to lớn buy (not limited to our products), you can consult privatelyFriends in need can bring pictures to consult, (that is, you can bring products from other stores lớn ask me for the price here). Here, I will give you the best price và better service.If you have any requirements, you can ask by private letter!^ If you are satisfied, we will thank you for giving us 5 stars & share your picturesYou can also tương tác customer service lớn receive the corresponding discount code.^ Your positive comments will be very helpful to us và new buyers.^ If you are not satisfied with the product, please avoid disputes or leave negative comments, please liên hệ in time, we will give you a satisfactory solution to the problem. Thank you

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