On SBS "Good Sunday - Running Man" broadcast on the 25th, no one was able to find Haha.

The first Mission of the day is "Mike Highlow", where a team with a high karaoke score wins, although, if the pair with the same front và back seats comes out, the team wins.The game was started by dividing into the Red Team (Park Jung-min, Kim Jong-guk, Haha, Jeon So-min), blue Team (Choi Yoo-hwa, Ji Seok-jin, tuy nhiên Ji-hyo, Yang Se-chan), và White Team (Lim Ji-yeon, Yo Jae-Suk, Lee Kwang-soo).

With the Blues scoring 43 points, the Whites decided to lớn sing Lim Ji-yeon"s "Battery of Love" by Hong Jin-yeong.Yoo Jae-Suk laughed at Lim Ji-yeon directly saying, "I want khổng lồ hear your song."

Choi Yoo-hwa borrowed the artist"s clothes behind the door và hid in the production team wearing a wig.Lee Kwang-soo found Kim Jong-guk hidden in the high place, but laughed at him pretending that he could not see "no one."Lim Ji-yeon"s score was 22 points, which won the championship thanks to lớn the pair. / Photo = SBS broadcast screen

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Kang Hyung-seok, who was pure, turned into a ruthless...""Cong Min-jeong" & a full-fledged love line? ("Hometown Cha-Cha")

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Steel, where the pureness & the charming charm of actor Kang Hyung-seok coexist, was unveiled. Kang Hyung-seok is playing the role of Choi Eun-cheol, a police officer at a resonance police box, who has a sincere and serious personality in everything in the TVN Saturday drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Eun-chul appeared as the first guest of Yun Chi-gwa and captured the heart of Mi-sun (Kong Min-jung). Although he gives favors khổng lồ the unpaid, the straight dash gave the drama a fun lớn realize with the strange & harmless charm that he could not notice. Và last week, in the broadcast, he politely refused lớn confess, và he was attracted khổng lồ his own beliefs, which were more attractive because he was rustic. However, Eun-chul, who refused to lớn confess lớn Mi-sun và caused many viewers' sadness, visited Yun Chi-gwa in the 11th broadcast yesterday (the 2nd) & received scaling, conveying an incomprehensible word to Mi-sun, & made her smile and raised curiosity. As the u

Singer yang ji-eun has revealed a neat atmosphere. The monthly magazine "Woman Sense" released a photo interview with Yang Ji-eun, who was selected as "Jin" in the TV Chosun "Miss Trot 2" (hereinafter referred to as "Miss Trot 2") following singers tuy nhiên Ga-in and Lim Young-woong on June 25. In the xuất hiện photo, Yang ji-eun dressed in a simple mood costume & gave a neat atmosphere. "I have been a tín đồ of someone, but I have never thought that someone will be a fan of me," said Yang Ji-eun, who said of his changed routine after winning the Miss Trot 2. Yang Ji-eun also revealed why he turned from Korean classical music khổng lồ trot singer. “The recovery period has been prolonged after kidney donation lớn my father, who was sentenced to lớn a deadline for diabetes complications,” he said. "When I lịch sự songs, I had to forget the music because it was difficult to vị Korean traditional music that was powered by Danjeon," he said. "I accid

Second-round assault on Mr A, known as his ex-girlfriend, is serious amid cowardly silence by Actor Kim Seon-ho. A wrote a long message on K on an online bulletin board on October 17, saying that he was a girlfriend who had been dating Actor K from the beginning of last year to four months ago. Mr. A claimed that K promised khổng lồ marry him và demanded unilateral sacrifice & after pregnancy he encouraged Abortion. A wanted to lớn give birth, but K's repeated demands eventually resulted in a severe surgery and later received a breakup notice from K. Kim Seon-ho was later identified as the most popular actor K. But Kim Seon-ho chose silence. On the 18th, when the article spread và all kinds of speculation và speculation were unfolded, Kim Seon-ho & his agency Salt Entertainment remained silent without receiving liên hệ from reporters. Only on the morning of the 19th, the agency said, "We are grasping the facts of the article that came up with anonymous. I would like to ask you to

"Seven Months in Devotion" Oh Nami boyfriend: Former footballer park min..."Currently, the general public, ask for restraint of and also" (comprehensive)

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With the Boy Friend of gagwoman Oh Nami (37) known as former footballer park min (35), Oh Nami has asked for an and also attention khổng lồ the current general public, Boy friend. Oh Nami's Boy friend, who revealed his devotion through SBS entertainment program 'The Girls Who Beats the Goals', is known khổng lồ be a former soccer player, park min. Park Min, who was born in 1986, joined Gyeongnam in 2009 và started his professional career. He played as a defender in Gwangju, Gangwon, Anyang và Bucheon. Oh Nami said on the 22nd that Boy friend is a park min, and through his agency JDB Entertainment, "It is a burden khổng lồ reveal because it is a general person now." "I will continue lớn meet with a beautifully beautiful meeting. I hope that the other party will not feel burdened by me, but I will refrain from và also interest. " Oh Nami announced her devotion by revealing her affectionate conversation with Boy friend on the 14th broadcast 'The Beating Girls'. On

Kim Seon-ho '1 night & 2 days' has been confirmed, & some viewers are rebelling against it. As of 9 am on October 21, a petition titled 'Kim Seon-ho is opposed lớn getting off' on the official website of KBS Viewer Rights Center received about 15,000 consent. The writer said, "Recently, an actor who has been involved in the KActor controversy has suffered difficulties. Celebrities have also risen lớn a bigger position than ordinary people, but they are the same person before becoming entertainers. "So I would lượt thích you to solve it together in the current program. I always had fun & laughs as a program and a fan. I hope that six people will go all the time. " Kim Seon-ho was exposed lớn his personal life from his ex-lover A. On October 17, A revealed through an online community that Kim Seon-ho was forced lớn make unilateral sacrifices after being pregnant during the process of dating from last year lớn June this year, or being forced to have abortion or m
Because of Kim Seon-ho, the 'K Actor' who caused the personal life scandal, the fire is falling to lớn the people around him, not himself. On October 19, Kim Seon-ho said through his agency Salt Entertainment, "I am sorry to lớn be disappointed with all those who believe and support me until the end." Kim Seon-ho said, "I met him with good feelings. In the process, I hurt him with my inconsiderate and inconsiderate behavior. "He said," I am waiting for that time without delivering the correct apple. " It is the position that it has been released in the story of My Life since the K Actor scandal was raised through an online community on October 17th. At that time, the nurse A revealed that he had been dating a so-called 'K Actor' from early last year to lớn June this year, và that he was asked lớn make a unilateral sacrifice by being pregnant after pregnancy or marriage. Mr. A did not mention KActor's real name, but some began to lớn estimate the person
Actor Ma Dong-Seok has released behind-the-scenes photos of her attending the World Premiere in the US ahead of the release of The Eternals. Ma Dong-Seok released several photos on his instagram on the 25th with an article entitled "World Premier". Ma Dong-Seok in the photo is attending the world premiere scene of 'The Eternals' recently held in the United States. On this day, Ma Dong-Seok was scheduled to lớn star as an actor, introducing the character Gilgamesh of the movie 'The Eternals', which is about lớn be released with the lover's schedule. The appearance of the Premiere scene, where Ma Dong-Seok is hanging in a big way, also catches the eye. Ma Dong-Seok also shares a deep hug with Kevin Pigi, head of Marvel Studios, adding khổng lồ the surprise of Korean fans of Ma Dong-Seok, who is about lớn debut as a global star. Meanwhile, 'The Eternals' is a film about the story of immortal anh hùng who has lived without revealing himself for thousands of years, joi
Actor Han So Hee has released a pictorial image. Han So Hee released a recent ad image on his Instagram on Tuesday. In the photo, Han So Hee matched a bright gray colored two-piece, long leather boots và a bag to lớn appeal lớn a simple yet provocative dual image. In addition, with the deadly eyes và the disorganized atmosphere, the aura of the brain was impressed. Han So Hee has been leading the Netflix series 'Myname' released on the 17th và has been on the show with the third place in the Netflix world. Actor Park Hee-soon, who worked together, said through an interview on the 22nd, "Han So Hee, who is sweating at the action school, looked pretty. I have never thought that my face is beautiful because my acting và mind are so beautiful. "
On the 22nd, Young Tak Official Instagram said, "I entered the Dutrot Show Hall of Fame with a steamy. Every day, I make a day of gratitude. My people who are always in love with Young Tak # Young Tak #youngtak # The Trot show # Honor Hall # Every day # # Gamtong # Milagro # Milagro ". Young Tak in the photo is looking at the camera with the 'The Trot Show' trophy. His extraordinary visuals caught the attention of fans. On the other hand, Young Tak has become a representative star of Korea by climbing the line (Tomorrow is Mr. Trott) in TV shipbuilding. He is leading the K-trot craze with mega hits such as 'Why are you coming out there', 'Tteamy' and 'Fudding', which were reversed by the announcement of 'Mr. Trot'. Photo = Young Tak Official Instagram

"Divorce" tầm thường Young-ju "20-year-old, no violent subject...to damage things" shock (Gold Counselor"s Office)

On the 22nd, Channel A 'Oh Eun Young's Golden Counseling Center', musical actor tầm thường Young-ju appeared & reported his troubles. On this day, tầm thường Young-ju said, "I have been living with Son for three years. I think the way to giảm giá khuyến mãi with và care for my older child is not good enough. I want to lớn communicate, but I came out because I wanted to know what was wise. " "Son is now a 20-year-old adult. He is a 2002 World Cup player." Before that, he was with his father, his grandmother, và his grandfather. After the divorce, I think there was a shortage because I ate in the same space, breathed, met my eyes và did not bởi this. I did not control my anger, I was violent, I was not able khổng lồ control my anger, so I came lớn my house to lớn live with my father. " tầm thường Young-ju said: "(I think he always longed for the fact that he wanted lớn live with his mother), but he came suddenly và was not ready. I said I could come at any time, but I was not ready for

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