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23 Aug – The leads from the popular Korean drama "City Hunter"; Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, went from co-stars in love to dating in real life, as their representatives from both their agencies have recently stepped forward to confirm the pair have been secretly dating for over a month, according to a report on allkpop website.

Lee Min Ho"s agency, Starhaus Entertainment was quoted as saying, "When the two were together, their interest for one another could be felt. They are getting to know each other."

The two stars were the main leads in the recently concluded SBS network drama, "City Hunter". The two have also known each other for years prior to "City Hunter" by acting together in the 2007 drama "I Am Sam".

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Park Min Young"s agency, King Kong Entertainment, shortly responded as well and said, "When the two appeared in the drama together, they were quite in tune with one another. It seems that they"ve developed feelings for each other during the filming and after filming concluded."

"Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young tried to avoid making their relationship public. So they tried to be careful whenever they met. But their personalities wouldn"t allow for a secret date at home. When they met at a public space, like a restaurant or bar, they would always bring a mutual friend."

The agency also added their relationship started to really build up because of "City Hunter, because of their respective roles in the drama were so important, they had a lot of long-hour filming sessions, often overnight. As they worked together for long hours, allowing them to learn more about each other more."

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young was previously spotted by the Korean media to be either drinking tea together or sharing an occasional beer, but allegations of their relationship was denied and avoided as to not interfere with the filming of "City Hunter".

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