Snsd yuri becomes a gossip after her brother sued for 10 years in prison for rape

Kwon Hyuk Joon (Yuri"s brother) under investigation as part of JJY"s chatgroup + (TW) more convos

JJY"s best friend, SNSD Yuri"s brother..

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"Is currently going through all the investigation cooperatively". He has been introduced on “I Live Alone” as Jung Joon Young’s friend. He is also known as the older brother of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.On March 12, he replied lớn various comments via Instagram. Lớn one comment calling him out, Kwon Hyuk Joon wrote, “Hello khổng lồ you who is hiding under the shadow of anonymity. I am diligently cooperating with all investigations, & I don’t think you have a right khổng lồ judge whether or not I can hold my head up with a committed crime.”He added that he was only included in a work-related KakaoTalk room when starting up Milddang Pocha (romanization), an outdoor establishment run by Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and other friends. He continued, “I vì not know anything about the sexual escort services or what is being mentioned in the news.”In response lớn another comment, he replied, “Such a long amount of time has passed, & I am very worried as it has become this big issue now. I hope this will not affect my family.” He shared in a reply to lớn a third commented, “I am so apologetic lớn fans of Yuri.

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I just considered it as a matter from so long ago và was living in ease. I will reflect on myself more.”>

More conversations are being revealed right now. ‼️Warning: Pictures below may contain triggering contents‼️

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pannatic) March 12, 2019
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On April 17 of 2016, a non-celebrity named Kim sent his own sex video. A participant labeled as “Singer Choi” replied, “What the, she’s passed out,” and Kim replied, “So what if she is?” Choi asked Kim “Send a (video) of a living woman” & Jung Joon Young said, “It was rape” with symbols of laughter.In other messages, an acquaintance described how he had had sex with a woman after giving her sleeping pills, and Jung Joon Young disparaged the woman.A reported message from Jung Joon Young also said, “Let’s all meet online and go lớn a strip bar & rape in a car.” An acquaintance named Park replied, “We do that in real life too, you know.”Singer Choi agreed, & Park added, “This is a movie. Think about it for five minutes. We just didn’t murder, a lot of bastards have gone to lớn jail for that.”SBS stated, “As though it was a habit, Jung Joon Young filmed women và treated them lượt thích objects. Despite knowing that these actions were crimes, he showed that he enjoyed filming illegal videos.”source: pannatic 1, naver 1 2 3 4, soompi 2, pannatic twitterEdit: Added the soompi article about the latest revealed conversations.

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