Apple Iphone 6 Plus 16Gb Phones

Owners of the điện thoại apple iphone 6 Plus 16Gb smartphone often have a problem, when the screen goes blank. It forces users unlock the device again, wasting time & nerves. To solve this problem, you need khổng lồ disable the screen lock on apple iphone 6 Plus 16Gb, using one of the ways provided by the manufacturer.

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Smart Lock activation

As the firs way for disabling a lock, it is suggested khổng lồ activate the Smart Lock function. It is available on all modern devices on apk operating system, including điện thoại iphone 6 Plus 16Gb. The essence of the option is that the phone does not lock the screen in the next cases:

Physical contact. When the device is in the owner’s hands; Safe places. When it is in a special location; Reliable devices. When it is located near to lớn the certain gadgets; Voice Match. Voice unlocking.

To activate the Smart Lock function you need to vày the following things:

mở cửa the settings of điện thoại iphone 6 Plus 16Gb. Go khổng lồ the section «Screen lock and security», và then – «Smart Lock».

Select và configure the smart lock option you like.

It is useful to lớn note, that Smart Lock does not cancel automatic transition of the điện thoại cảm ứng to the sleeping mode. The screen will continue lớn turn off if the corresponding option is set in the settings. About its deactivation will be told a little bit later.

Screen lock disabling on điện thoại iphone 6 Plus 16Gb

If the owner of the device completely sure of his safety & the fact, that nobody will get the access khổng lồ the phone, he is suggested to lớn fully turn off the lock screen on apple iphone 6 Plus 16Gb.

open the settings of the smartphone. Go khổng lồ the section «Screen lock và security». In the sub-item «Screen lock» set the value «No».

Now the user no longer need to enter the password or pattern or put the finger on the fingerprint scanner. At the same time, deactivation of the lock screen does not cancel the transition lớn the sleeping mode after a certain amount of time.

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Disabling the transition to the sleeping mode.

As a rule, the screen of apple iphone 6 Plus 16Gb goes blank itself because the option of transition to lớn the sleeping mode is activated in the settings of the device. The problem is solved in two ways:

Increasing the waiting time; Disabling the function.

Anyway, any changes have lớn be made through the điện thoại thông minh settings:

Go khổng lồ the settings. open the section «Screen lock và security». xuất hiện the tab «Screen timeout». Choose the value you need.

Names of some points of the thực đơn might be different depends on the version of the firmware. That is why «Screen» or «Blocking and security» is used instead of the section «Screen lock & security».

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