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It’s safe lớn say that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is an incredible phone. It’s powerful, beautiful, & comes with one of the best cameras you’ll find in a smartphone. But it’s made from glass, & that glass is fragile, so an unfortunate bump or spill can leave your device with scuffs or — worse — cracks & neither of those is particularly welcome on a $1,000 smartphone. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution lớn this, and that’s to lớn fit your phone with a protective case.

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But there’s no one-case-fits-all solution, & you’ll need to vị a little shopping around before you find your perfect case. Don’t worry, though — we’ve made your choice a little simpler by finding you some of the best cases to lớn keep your iPhone 11 Pro Max safe.

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case


Here’s a multifunctional iPhone 11 Pro Max case that pretty much does it all. The combined PC & TPU construction affords serious protection against falls & shocks, and the raised edges around the screen và camera lenses provide further insurance against damage to these particular areas. On đứng đầu of that, this particular OtterBox case comes with a built-in PopGrip, which has a variety of highly convenient functions. It can be used as a grip to make one-handed texting easier, while it can also be used as a mount for your car or for watching videos hands-free. The grip can easily be removed or flattened against the case so that you can continue taking your iPhone out of your pocket without any hassle.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Case


It may look fairly minimal, but Ghostek’s iPhone 11 Pro Max case does most things better than the competition. It has been drop-tested lớn a military standard, with its mix of lightweight aluminum and plastic making it very hard lớn damage. Its textured sides also offer an anti-slip grip, so the chances of you accidentally dropping it are pretty slim. Even so, it comes with a raised bumper that protects the iPhone’s display, which is given additional reinforcement by the case’s durable shock-absorbing corners. The case is also fully compatible with wireless charging và FaceID, while it looks pretty cool, too.

Incipio Aerolite Extreme Drop Protection Case


As Incipio’s most protective case, the Aerolite offers protection from falls of up lớn 11 feet, & it manages to vị so without adding a lot of bulk, thanks khổng lồ a special material called FortiCore. There are contours inside the case và reinforced, shock-absorbing corners to take the sting out of drops. The translucent material means you can also get a glimpse of the iPhone within this case, and it comes in different màu sắc combinations.

Apple Smart Battery Case


The iPhone 11 Pro Max has an outstanding battery life, but you might find yourself running low on busier days. If you’re out và about và don’t have a charger in-hand, then you might fancy a smart battery case from Apple. On the outside, the case feels like the standard hãng apple silicone case — it’s soft to the touch, adds some much-needed grip, và fits the iPhone perfectly. Flip the case over và you’ll notice a bump that houses two 1,430mAh cells for charging. Making use of the extra nguồn is as easy as plugging your device into the case’s lightning connector. The smart battery case also features a handy button on the side, which quick-launches your camera when pressed. Though expensive, the added endurance & high-quality material make the case worth it.

Ringke Fusion Matte Case


Unlike a standard clear case, the Ringke Fusion has a smooth and silky matte finish on the back, mimicking the texture of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The unique coating also prevents fingerprints và oily smudges from being left on the case. Blended into the clean design, the Fusion Matte features Ringke’s Quikcatch lanyard hole so you can attach a wrist or neck strap for added security. As the cherry on top, the case runs just shy of $10 — making it one of the most affordable accessories for your iPhone.

Tech21 Evo check Case


The nicest thing about this case from Tech21 is the solid drop protection it affords. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max can take a tumble from up to lớn 12 feet và emerge unscathed when it’s wearing this case. Considering how tough it is, the lack of bulk is impressive. Most of the protection comes from the ribbed frame. The outside of this case also sports a soft, self-healing finish that enhances grip và offers antimicrobial protection khổng lồ keep things hygienic.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case


With a crystal clear back panel of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and a bumper in flexible TPU, this slim case from Spigen should safeguard your iPhone from minor bumps và falls. Their button covers are well defined & the cutouts are generous so you won’t have issues plugging in to lớn charge. It does extend to lớn protect the camera & the screen, but if drop protection is important to you it’s best lớn go with a more rugged iPhone case. You can get a clear version of this case, or you can get it with a green, black, or rose bumper.

Totallee Clear Case


This is one of our favorite minimal, clear cases, devoid of any hình ảnh or superfluous detail. You can get frosted versions in different colors if you prefer, but the clear one is best for showing off the iPhone design inside. It’s a very slim case, but it will guard against scratches và damage from minor falls, và it also enhances your grip. You’ll find the fit is good và it’s flexible so it’s easy to put on or remove.

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Nodus Access Case III


Makers of some of our favorite leather wallet cases, Nodus is a brand worth looking at. The stylish Access Case III is crafted from neatly stitched Italian leather in brown, black, teal, or gray. Inside you’ll find a very soft microfiber lining & a handy pocket that can accommodate cards và cash. There’s no shell with this leather folio case because your iPhone 11 Pro Max is held securely by a micro suction pad. This thiết kế still covers your iPhone from every angle but allows the leather wallet case to be as slim as possible. The Nodus octopus hình ảnh sản phẩm on the inside provides a stylish detail.

Speck Presidio Grip Case


Drop protection from falls of up khổng lồ 13 feet is a good reason lớn buy one of these cases. There is a hard shell with a shock-absorbing inner layer & ridges on the outside that enhance your grip on your iPhone. There’s also a raised lip around the screen khổng lồ ensure it doesn’t touch when laid face down. You can also stop worrying about germs thanks to a special anti-microbial layer. This case comes in a wide range of different colors.

Woolnut Leather Case


This gorgeous, luxury, leather case from Woolnut looks và feels fantastic. There’s a protective shell for your iPhone with accurate cutouts & button covers. It’s covered seamlessly in full-grain leather & there’s a special, super-soft, microfiber lining on the inside lớn cushion your iPhone. You can pick this case up in black, green, or brown and the leather will change slightly as it ages.

Noreve Tradition B Wallet Case


This beautifully stylish, leather wallet case brings some French flair to lớn your iPhone. A sturdy shell grips your iPhone và a luxurious leather cover wraps around it, with a stud closure khổng lồ ensure it stays shut when you want it to. The inside cover hosts two pockets for cards with the option of adding two more rear slots. Noreve offers a range of customizations to enable you to select the precise leather finish and màu sắc you want and choose various extras, though this will impact the price.

Nomad Rugged Brown Case


By wrapping polycarbonate in Horween leather which slots neatly into a TPE bumper Nomad has managed to create a rugged case that delivers 6-foot drop protection, but also looks & feels great. The leather will age and develop its own patina over time while the case ensures your iPhone stays in great condition. There’s a pronounced lip khổng lồ protect the screen, accurate cutouts for easy access, button covers, and it won’t interfere with wireless charging. It’s also available in black.

Case-Mate Twinkle Case


Packed with reflective iridescent glitter foil, this case twinkles in the light lượt thích stardust. Beyond the sparkly exterior, there’s a tough case here that offers up lớn 10-foot drop protection for your iPhone. The flexible sides enhance grip & there are metallic button covers & accurate cutouts. The back also boasts a special anti-scratch coating.

Griffin Survivor Strong Case


If you want khổng lồ be able to lớn see the thiết kế of your iPhone 11 Pro Max, but need some drop protection, then the Griffin Survivor Strong could be for you. There’s a clear polycarbonate back with scratch resistance & a special FortiCore-reinforced bumper that provides grip và protection from falls of up to lớn 10 feet. Griffin does offer a bunch of much tougher và more expensive cases if that’s what you’re after, but this is a good compromise. It also comes in translucent đen or green.

Smartish Kung-Fu Grip Case


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a very big phone, so you may be keen to lớn avoid adding any extra bulk with a case. The Kung-Fu Grip case from Smartish is slim và very light with air pockets to lớn provide some protection against drop damage. The sides are textured khổng lồ enhance your grip and you’ll find generous cutouts & well-defined button covers. The case also extends at the front to lớn safeguard that enormous screen. This case comes in five different colors.

VRS Damda High Pro Shield Case


Similar lớn many models before it, designers made this case with a combination of polycarbonate và TPU. While the material is familiar, the texture is not. Its sandstone kiến thiết helps prevent fingerprints on the case & makes it easier lớn grip the phone. The case features button covers & cutouts lớn give users full access to lớn their phones. The cover also won’t interfere with wireless charging. If your phone often falls from your desk or the kitchen table, the VRS case has you covered with a 4-foot drop protection guarantee.

Mous Contour Case


For an excellent blend of protection and elegance, consider Mous’s latest Contour case, which is made lớn last while still looking professional. This particular product features a curved plastic kiến thiết with a microfiber interior that can help reinforce your phone’s glass against scratches và drops. You have a variety of colors và textures khổng lồ choose from. You can be confident the case you pick will have openings that match today’s phone plug-ins & more.

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