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The refresh of the well-known ProBook 45X0s series wants to score with a matte screen, good application performance và two operating systems. Our thử nghiệm reveals whether the máy vi tính is compelling.

For the original German review, see here.

The name ProBook stands for entry-level business laptops. After we tested the 17-inchProBook 4740sfrom HP"s new ProBook 4X40s range, the15.6-inch ProBook 4540s series modelfollows. The 4540s line is the direct successor of the 4530s range. We reviewed two models from the range with theProBook 4530s-XX968EAandProBook 4530s-B0Y11EA. Our test device is powered by Intel"sdual-corei3-3110M, which is supported byfour gigabytes of working memory.Intel"s HD Graphics 4000GPU takes care of video clip output. A 500 gigabyte hard disk stores data. A DVD burner is also installed.

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We usedLenovo"s ThinkPad Edge E535(AMD A8-4500M,AMD Radeon HD 7640G),Asus" B43E-VO158X(Intel core i3-2350M,Intel HD Graphics 3000) & HP"s precursorProBook 4530s-B0Y11EA (Intel chip core i3-2350M,Intel HD Graphics 3000) for classifying the laptop.

The ProBook 4540s cannot deny its relationship with theProBook 4530s. Both laptops look very much alike. However, there are differences in the details. The casing of both HP laptops is mostly made of plastic. The lid"s back and the base unit"s đứng đầu both feature analuminum insert. This gives the devices a higher unique look & additional stability. The 4540s has more curves than the 4530s. The edges of the display"s back & the base unit are lightly rounded. The plastic frame of the base unit"s top is also broader than in the 4540s. TheThinkPad Edge E535cannot offer metal parts being completely made of plastic. The back ofAsus" B43Eis made of aluminum.

The ProBook 4540s features the same stability as it precursor. The device shows good workmanship. The base unit hardly yields. Only the perforated cover above the keyboard should be spared from too high pressure. The base unit warps when picking it up at the front corners. Here, you notice that the device is mainly made of plastic. The lid can also be twisted to lớn an extent. The big aluminum plate on the rear provides stability. More force would be needed lớn damage the screen. The aluminum back also prevents the lid from denting to lớn a large degree. The hinges keep the lid firmly in position & only rock marginally. Consequently, the lid can easily be opened with one hand.

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