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According lớn her plan with Jung, In Ha came khổng lồ school và made a huge scandal to lớn put Young Gon into trouble. Home, Seol fights with her parents & spends the night at Jung’s house. They’ve made up và things go well between them, but not for long. Lately Seol and In Ho got really close.

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Episode 11

Seeing Young Gon locking at Seol, Eun Taek hurries Seol & Bo Ra lớn leave the classroom. Young Gon follows them, but domain authority Young, his girlfriend stops him. She wants to know what is going on between Seol và Young Gon. While domain authority Young và Young Gon were arguing in front of their classmates, In Ha showed up. In Ha started khổng lồ make a scene there, screaming và hitting Young Gon. Pretending khổng lồ be Young Gon’s girlfriend, In Ha beat up Young Gon for cheating on her with da Young. As a prove that they were dating, In Ha showed everyone the picture Young Gon send her.

In the middle of all that commotion, Young Gon gets his phone và shows everyone the picture with In Ha & Jung. Then Seol comes in telling Young Gon & everyone that In Ha & Jung are childhood friends so is normal for them to be close. Later Seol asks In Ha is Jung was the one that put her vày that show with Young Gon at school. But In Ha is the type that says whatever she wants. So she tells Seol to break up with Jung và don’t make Jung suffer since Seol will leave him in the end.

In Ha went khổng lồ Jung’s house at night. He was upset with her because Jung asked In Ha khổng lồ not let Seol find out about their plan. But In Ha has her way of talking herself out of problems. While following Young Gon for a few days, In Ha saw Seol a lot. Young Gon was following Seol everywhere. So In Ha saw that In Ho & Seol were always together. She took pictures of her brother & Seol and showed them to lớn Jung.


Coming home, Seol hears Jun telling their parents that he gave up school and he will not return to America because they don’t have money for his tuition. While he was scolding his son, Seol’s father told Jun khổng lồ find a way lớn be accepted back in the university he was in America. Seol’s father decided that Jun will have lớn finish school in America even if Seol has lớn take a semester off from school. Upset Seol comes và asks her father why she has to give up school because of her brother. She even gave up her apartment và does a four hours commute back and to school because of her brother. She works for her tuition, she got a scholarship and does everything on her own without her parents helping her so why she has lớn give up on her own for her brother lớn study in America.

Seol:”Am I not your child? Nothing’s changed!”

Upset, Seol leaves & doesn’t answer her phone. Jun goes out khổng lồ look for his sister & encounters In Ho. Both of them tìm kiếm for Seol. While walking around the neighborhood, Seol sees Jung. She runs into Jung’s arms and cries out all her stress.

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Jung:”I missed you!”

Seol doesn’t want to lớn go trang chủ so she & Jung went on a drive. During their date, Seol fell asleep. In the morning, when she woke up, Seol was sleeping in Jung’s bed. He asked Bo Ra to hotline Seol’s family và tell them that Seol spend the night at Bo Ra’s house.

When she arrived home, Seol’s mother hit Seol for spending the night out without contacting them. Then she apologized khổng lồ Seol and made Seol breakfast. Seol’s father seems calm và indifferent like he didn’t care. Meantime Jun tried his best to make Seol feel better.


In Ho avoids being near Seol because he can’t concentrate then. His heart beats faster. On their way home, Seol tells In Ho the reason she run away from home for a night. Then In Ho showed Seol the reason her father was never at the family restaurant working. Seol’s father was secretly hanging out flyers to promote their restaurant. Also In Ho told Seol how worried Jun was when she left trang chủ and Jun wasn’t able to liên hệ her.

Because her parents fight a lot, Seol made a plan with In Ho to “coincidently” show her mother how hard her father is working. After Seol’s father’s little secret was revealed, all of them went khổng lồ have dinner together. Seol’s family insisted that In Ho come along. During dinner Seol’s parents were impressed to find out that In Ho not just works for them at the restaurant, but he also pays the piano và studies to lớn finish high school. Both Seol’s parents feed him up và praise him. Also In Ho gets along really well with Seol’s father.


Jung had some time during lunch và came to school to eat with Seol. While they were eating at the cafeteria In Ho and his piano teacher also. The professor recognized Seol và sited next lớn her and Jung. Of course In Ho gets angry when Jung introduced himself as In Ho’s friend. After the professor left, In Ho received a phone gọi from Jun.

In Ho is close to lớn Jun & Seol so without realizing both In Ho và Seol showed Jung how close there are. Upset Jung gets up và leaves. That scene with In Ho & Seol reminded Jung of how his father used lớn ignore him to lớn pay attention khổng lồ In Ho. Seol follows Jung out while trying to understand why Jung is upset. But when she told Jung that she is also helping In Ho study, Jung got even angrier and left.

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